fredag 9. mai 2008

Early morning drawing.


We made "Seldon Plan". The burger drawing on the second page also had the pleasure of being exhibited on the "Monster" show in Houston, together with one of my other "artworks". 

FANZINE: look inside "I can`t do this by myself".

fredag 28. mars 2008

tirsdag 25. mars 2008

LINNETTE, by Hans.

I have a boy that takes photographs.

Death to all

Dear James

Some really old sketches I made, inspired by the comic artist Chester Brown. 

The fanzine year 2007: Obituary

Martin and me.

Marshtin and I started making fanzines together in December 2006. It started out rather coincidentally; we were both rapid drawers, and we discovered that we liked drawing together after shearing the same sketchbook. Our stuff just floated and fitted so nicely together. Marshtin was the one who suggested we should make a zine out of our stuff, inspired by the self-publishing tradition from, mainly, underground comicartists in USA. So we zeroxed it up for free using the zeroxer at my workplace. The first zine was a small purple thingy that we stapled and cut by hand. Phew! That's hard work! It was simply called "Martin and Linnette". The second one became titled "I can't do this by myself". The title popped up from something Sophie Nuveu said in "The DaVinchi Code". We often draw on impulse and often while watching movies. We didn't know it at the time, but "I can't di this by myself" was to become a trilogy. We just couldn't stop making zines together! Marshtin and I even broke up and got back together again, but NEVER stopped drawing together, even when things were mildly put, complicated. So after doing "I can't do this by myself" #1 we decided that we had put ourselves through enough staple and cut for a lifetime, and with the second "ICDTBM" we sent it to a copy center. It was magical! We delivered the finished zine on a disc, and one week later, we got them in a box, neatly stacked and perfectly cut. I cannot describe the thrill. So since then I haven't been anywhere near a zeroxer, and the guy at Copy CO recognises us when we come by.

Martin and I broke up after the summer had ended in 2007. Our newest fanzine, "Seldon Plan", was then almost finished. We did manage, in our own magical way, to get it copied and ready by november, even though I had moved out of the apartment we shared. I lived on my best friends couch and he pasted the whole thing together from our old home, where he still lives today. We had our release for "Seldon Plan" at Sound of Mu 27th of december.
End of story.